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Database of Evidence Profiles

Join health care influencers and share your evidence-based recommendations

Authors of clinical guidelines and other health care recommendations use the Database of Evidence Profiles (DBEP) to share their work not only easily and quickly, but also immediately after finishing them.

The database is fully integrated with GRADEpro – an online tool for systematic review and guideline development process in health care. To ensure its value, it was developed as part of the GRADE Working Group DECIDE project.

Key features of DBEP

Time efficient

You save time while sharing your evidence profiles through the database which is completely compatible with the GRADEpro tool.

Useful for health care experts

The DBEP database was created with the specific needs of authors of clinical guidelines and other health care recommendations in mind.

Wide coverage

It offers the possibility to instantly publish Summary of Findings tables, Evidence to Decision frameworks, and Interactive Summary of Findings.

Practical for readers and users

It presents evidence profiles to a wide audience in the most practical way, including an option to select management profiles or diagnostic profiles.