GRADEpro needs YOU!

At this moment we need your help to keep GRADEpro free for academic use and also quick, user-friendly and reliable! We want to do our best to make GRADEpro sustainable, expand its functionality, and fix problems. We've been listening to your needs and we've been trying to address them as soon as it has been possible.

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Why we need YOUR help?

Modern IT infrastructure

It’s important to be up-to-date with best guideline development practice as well as best technology. An increasing number of users from different parts of the World, means more needs in terms of infrastructure capacity! In order for the free GRADEpro version to work quickly and smoothly, we need investment in this area.


We constantly enhance existing free modules and develop new ones. In 2018 alone, we launched over 40 updates to the Academic GRADEpro, including visual changes of major modules and new functionalities. We wish to do more in the future!


To keep the free version of GRADEpro we need people! Every day, software developers, designers, project managers and support staff make sure the free GRADEpro meets your expectations and delivers the best evidence synthesis and guideline development experience on the market. With the constantly increasing number of users, the demand for more people that work with us rises. We are striving to hire new staff to address the needs of the system’s growth and user’s support.

Coffee for Bart

Did you know that we are paying for your free support? If you like the free GRADEpro just the way it is now, at least buy Bart a coffee ;)

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