GRADEpro GDT overview


GRADEpro GDT is an easy to use all-in-one web solution for summarizing and presenting information for health care decision making. It supports creating concise summary tables for systematic reviews and health technology assessments as well as facilitates development of clinical practice guidelines and other documents making recommendations for public health or health policy decisions.

Best for both worlds

guideline developers and authors of systematic reviews
Anyone preparing a systematic review will benefit from a simple online solution that assists creating summaries of evidence. Anyone developing clinical guidelines or other recommendations in health care will also benefit from a tool that eases the way of following a systematic and transparent process of making evidence-based decisions.

Facilitates creation of evidence tables

You will be able to create evidence summaries for presenting information required for decision making in various areas of health care. Variety of formats are available: GRADE Evidence Profiles, Cochrane Summary of Findings tables and their variations adjusted to the type of available information. You will be able to create summaries of information crafted to support health decisions of patients and the public, clinicians and other health care workers, public health officers and healthcare policy makers.

Simplifies process

With GRADEpro GDT you will be able to follow the whole process of developing recommendations in health care. It will help you manage your work from a working group selection through the declaration and management of potential conflicts of interest, defining the scope of the project, generating and prioritizing questions, creating lists of outcomes of interest and rating their importance, preparing evidence profiles and making decisions following the GRADE Evidence to Decision framework. All in sequence. All in one place.

Facilitates work with group members

With GRADEpro GDT you will find it a pleasure to interact with guideline panels or members of other groups preparing health care recommendations. There is a support for various polling and voting exercises that those groups perform during recommendation development process.

Works online and offline

You can use GRADEpro GDT both online and offline (without Internet connection). In order to work offline you need to set up your account and connect to GRADEpro at least once while being online.
Access GRADEpro offline (bookmark this link and from now on you will be able to access GRADEpro following a bookmark – while online and offline).

Helps to produce apps for mobile devices

With GRADEpro GDT it takes little effort to prepare information that may easily be converted to an app for mobile devices. Following the GRADE Evidence to Decision framework facilitates creation of concise evidence summaries for clinicians, other health care workers and the public. The format will follow the optimal presentation determined by the research done within the European Union–sponsored DECIDE project. There will be other formats available as well.

Backs up your data on a secure server

Now all your work is on your computer and backed up on a server that securely stores all your data (requires Internet connection). You can share your work with your team and collaborate on the project anywhere in the world. You can also work on your documents from any computer in the world.

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  • is available for all platforms, so it does not matter if you love Mac or Windows
  • speaks many languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese)
  • allows a team to work on the same project through a web browser
  • makes GRADEing evidence simple
  • keeps a record of all detailed judgments and a transparent record
  • enables easy sharing of evidence summaries with world and the use of existing evidence profiles for local adaptation via Database of Evidence Profiles (DBEP)
  • offers easy access to the GRADE Handbook for different users, including Cochrane Review authors
  • is for guideline developers
  • is a complete Guideline Development Tool
  • structures question generation
  • uses your review in guideline development
  • provides templates for evidence profiles and tables
  • integrates interactive Evidence to the Decision (EtD) framework for guideline panels to support using evidence while making decisions
  • allows collection of declarations of interest and helps managing conflicts of interest
  • offers interactive voting of judgements and recommendations for panel members
  • puts your guidelines in a mobile app
  • is for authors of any systematic review of the evidence
  • makes Summary of Findings tables easy
  • makes Summary of Findings tables for intervention and diagnostic reviews
  • likes RevMan and Archie (can import from RevMan and export to RevMan)
  • makes your results more useful and attractive for audience with an interactive SoF table