GRADE's software for Summary of Findings
tables, Health Technology Assessment
and Guidelines

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GRADEpro GDT is an easy to use, all‐in‐one web solution to summarise and present information for healthcare decision making.

It supports creating summary tables for systematic reviews and health technology assessments and facilitates development of clinical practice guidelines as well as other documents making recommendations for public health or health policy decisions. It also provides a database of GRADE evidence tables and health care recommendations for adoption, adaptation and development of new guidelines.
GRADEpro has been partially developed through the GRADE Working Group‘s DECIDE project. The GRADE Working Group, the Cochrane Collaboration and Members of McMaster University ensure up‐to‐date methods are incorporated into GRADEpro GDT and help to develop new functionalities.

The Evidence Prime Inc. team provides state‐of‐the‐art technical solutions, user interface design and support.

GRADEpro GDT powerful features

Multiple platforms
and devices

Guideline development process


Summary of
Findings tables

Evidence to Decision frameworks

Secure server

New functionalities

Integration with RevMan

You can import results of statistical analyses from Cochrane Collaboration's Review Manager and export a summary of findings table into the RevMan file. RevMan is the software used for preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews. The GDT supports import and export to RevMan 5 format, with more seamless integration on the way.

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